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Born in 1978 as biochemical research centre , the company directs its main activity in depth study of dairy sector and in particular in the production and marketing of lactic ferments and enzymes.

Our steps:

1978: Born Biochem s.r.l. in Monterotondo site (Rome)
1998: The company gets ISO 9001 certificate
2002: Built the plant in Birori (NU)   
2012: Open the new plant in Montelibretti (Rm)  
2015: All of  starter cultures Biochem are Halal Certified
2016: The company gets BRC IFS certification

Thanks to its two production plants and logistic administrative plant , today the company  is able to isolate, select and produce freeze-dried and frozen starters  distributing them to dairies, sausage factories and farmers all over the world.