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Meatferm are mesophilic starter cultures composed by selected strains of Lactobacillus and Staphilococcus formulated between them to obtain specific characteristics in terms of aroma, colour, structure during sausage production. 

The advantages using Meatferm cultures:

  • Standardized colour, structure, aroma and ripening process of sausages.
  • Reduce the possibility to develop an undesired microflora (contaminants), thanks to the inoculum of raw meat with high bacterial charge of selected strains.  
  • Replace the preservatives with a natural solution that does not require any labeling.

starter colture acidifyant and protective developed for the production of sausages with slow and long fast fermentation.  All of Meatferm coltures are packaged in single dose pocket for Direct Meat Inoculation (DMI).