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The range of lactic ferments "Lactoferm" covers a wide range of products, from fermented milk cultures to long-seasoned cheeses.
Our mesophilic starter cultures are designed for direct vat inoculation and the practical of single dose packet allows to optimize the process of cheese making. Each culture is accompanied by phagospecific rotation, in order to avoid the formation of phages in the environment in which it operates.

Processing aids and “Vivilact” enzymes represent a solid support for the company that are constantly searching a value added for their products.

Starter cultures ideal for various cheese production technologies.
Each culture series is equipped with a phage-specific rotation to ensure continuity of production without falling into bacteriophage infections.


Starter cultures ideal for the production of all of Yoghurt type and fermented milk which allow a uniform and controlled dairy production in terms of Viscosity, Acidity and Aroma.


Probiotic cultures  to be used individually or in combination with other strains to produce fermented milk or cheeses, to ensure the protective and probiotic properties on the matrices used.


Cultures of selected lactic ferments with aromatic properties. These cultures can be used in combination with Cheese-tek strains to customize the various cheese production in terms of Aroma.


Lactic fermented cultures composed by strains producer of  EPS (Esopolysaccharide) that can develop an additional structure in fresh cheeses and fermented milk for product customization.


Range of enzymes , processing aids and rapid test, to support lactic cultures formulated to improve finished product in dairy sector.